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Planet - Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Updates Tiki 6.7 LTS

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Updates Tiki 6.7 LTS

Auteur : ricks99 | CMS Report
Date : 13/04/2012 13:37

The Tiki Community is proud to announce the release of Tiki 6.7 LTS (Long Term support Version). This release includes bug fixes and updates only -- there are no new features in this release.

Tiki 6.7LTSTiki Administrators using the LTS version are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release. The Tiki 6.x branch will remain the Long Term Support version until the release of Tiki 10, planned for October 2012.

And stay tuned for the first public beta of Tiki 9.0, the next generation of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, that is expected to be available shortly. This new version contains a host of improvements in multiple areas and several new features. Refer to for details.

For information on these releases and future Tiki plans, see the Tiki Roadmap. You can obtain Tiki 6.7 LTS and Tiki 9.0 beta (as well as all other Tiki releases) from .

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